We often think who we are and who the people around us are. Oddly enough, it happens to us, not only in times of crisis in our lives. In addition, not all friends are equally good. Among them, there are your true friends who share your goals and ambitions that are ready to lend you […]

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That’s my girl

Monday morning as I talk to her on phone while driving back home, ‘How long before you get home?’ ‘I am on my way, I wish I could just fly to you because I miss your beautiful face’. That would have made her blush, ‘Can you try not being cheesy at least when you are […]

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Its never falling.

Falling in love, what is that even? I dont agree with that phrase. You never fall in love. Just NEVER. ‘Love’ doesnt just happen like that, not so quickly, not all of a sudden. It takes sometime. When you first love, you look blind and you see it as a beloved whole, or as a […]

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You left me

During the day, I kept my nose down and dug in hard for my studies, but at night, right before I’d slip from the edge and fall into sleep, I’d allow myself to wonder and marvel in thoughts of vorfreude. And when I began to overwhelm, it was you, you who came wandering around in […]

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Listen the unsaid

‘Tell me about yourself’, I ask her. ‘well’ she says and then pauses to think for a moment. ‘I guess I love the feeling of summer wind in my hair, but I also like the crisp breezes of fall. I’ve a soft spot for books. I sometimes sing and also love to listen to music. […]

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I’ve become toxic

Dont look at my girl, how dare you? She’s mine, only and only mine. Why is love so complicated? I dont want you to leave, will you hold my hand? I pray that you stay happy, no matter what it takes, and at the same time I pray that you stay with me forever. Will […]

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She’s a Book.

She is a book, and I want to read her. A book thats never been read before. A book that has the most beautiful cover ever. A cover thats different, a face that would make you walk into cars on streets, or into poles. She is so delectable, if you wonder what beauty would be […]

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